Over the last ten years I have worked as on-screen talent across a whole raft of wildlife programmes, appearing anywhere from BBC1 to Channel 5 and BBC Radio 4 to CBeebies. My current work sees me appearing on a weekly basis as the wildlife reporter for both BBC1's The ONE Show and Inside Out.

In addition to an encyclopaedic knowledge of British flora and fauna, I have acquired an expertise of the ecosystems of South and Central America, East Africa and Southeast Asia as a result of extended work periods in these regions.

My mission is to reveal the beauty of the natural world to as broad an audience as possible through a combination of my trademark enthusiasm and immense knowledge. In addition to a range of broadcasting projects, I'm also available for both public speaking engagements and writing projects.

Current presenting projects

Wildlife Reporter on The ONE Show

BBC1 - from April 2008 to present

Appearing on our screens every weekday at 7pm on BBC1 for around 11 months a year, this immensely popular magazine programme in the space of five years has already become a national institution. Having presented over 240 items and made more than 100 appearances in the studio to discuss a varied range of natural history and environmental issues, I have both become the wildlife face of the programme and a key family member of the One Show family. Items covered have included anything from snorkelling with basking sharks to fighting like a stag beetle and filming everything from British-born beavers to booming bitterns.

Reporter on Inside Out

BBC1 - from 2004 to present

Inside Out is a long-standing regional magazine programme which highlights a variety of surprising stories from familiar places. I report on a vast range of wildlife reports for the programme for the BBC Bristol, Plymouth, London, Leeds, Norwich, Southampton and Nottingham regions. Projects undertaken have included following the epic journey of a hooded seal from Orkney to Spain, the first ever filmed birth of a baby black rhino in captivity and the unprecedented transport of 13 Romanian lions to their new home at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster.

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Past presenting projects

Co-presenter on Nature's Top 40

BBC2 - shown in autumn 2008

What are Britain's greatest Wildlife spectacles? In this ten part series, I give a Top 40 countdown of the very best of British wildlife. The series shows the viewer how and then explains why hares box, bluebells flower in synchrony, birds sing at dawn and adders dance.

Presenter on Wild Gardens

ITV West and West Country - shown between July and August 2008, and repeated in 2011

My first venture onto ITV saw me presenting a six part series on wildlife gardening. During the filming, locations as diverse as the Forest of Dean, Somerset Levels and the Lizard Peninsula were visited as I persuade a range of gardeners to bring a little bit of the countryside into their own back garden and make space for nature.

Presenter on The Nature of Britain

BBC1 - shown in autumn 2007

Designed to be the ultimate portrait of British natural history, Alan Titchmarsh visits all the major wildlife habitats in and around the UK. The programme then divests to the BBC regions for the final 10 minutes where I showcase the specialist wildlife of each habitat from a local perspective for the Points West (Bristol) region. A compilation of these reports was also transmitted on BBC4.

Presenter on Nature's Calendar

BBC2 - shown between autumn 2006 and summer 2007, and repeated in 2007 abd 2010

Nature's Calendar followed on from the highly successful Hands on Nature series transmitted in 2005. This huge 40 part series aims to empower the Great British public to follow in the footsteps of myself and Chris Packham as we track down a huge range of British wildlife. The series is split into the four seasons and full of top tips as to how, when and where to see anything from white-tailed sea eagles to the wild asparagus.
Nature's Calendar website

Co-presenter on CBeebies Autumnwatch & CBeebies Springwatch

CBeebies - shown in autumn 2006 and spring 2007

The CBeebies version of Autumnwatch, which I co-anchored with the famous puppet Jelly, is considered one of CBeebies most successful programmes ever. Both series ran alongside the BBC2 versions of Autumnwatch and Springwatch, and were designed to encourage children to get outside and enjoy spotting wildlife through the seasons.

Co-presenter on Hands on Nature

BBC2 - shown between November and December 2005 and repeated March to April 2006

This 10 part series showcases the best of British wildlife on offer. I travel the length and breadth of the British Isles to encourage those with little knowledge of wildlife to leave their sofas, get outside and enjoy the wildlife on their own doorstep.
Hands on Nature website
my page on Hands on Nature

Presenter on Extreme Britain

BBC Radio 4 - broadcast from February to March 2006

A five part series exploring life on the edge, as I see how wildlife makes a living in the lowest, wettest and scariest places in Britain. I also track down Britain's oldest tree and biggest tidal wave.
Extreme Bristin website

Reporter on Springwatch with Bill Oddie

BBC2 - shown from 30th May to 16th June 2005

Awarded the Royal Television Society award - Best Feature & Factual Entertainment 2005

Myself and wildlife cameraman John Aitchison form the Springwatch Squad, as we take a whistle-stop tour across Britain, starting in the Scilly Isles and travelling via a long and circuitous route to our final destination in the Scottish Cairngorms. Along the way we film the spring rituals of a variety of British animals including singing song thrushes, mating natterjack toads and courting great-crested grebes.

I also presented regular reports for the BBC interactive on how the season unfurled in my adopted home city of Bristol.

Contributor on British Isles: A Living History

BBC1 - shown from October to November 2004

This series is an epic eight-part story recounting the evolution of the British Isles presented by Alan Titchmarsh. The last 10 minutes of each programme devolves to the regions and I was employed as the on-screen contributor on items for BBC Bristol and Leeds.

On screen Wildlife Expert for The Terry & Gaby Show

Channel 5 - shown through 2004

I was the on-screen wildlife expert and interviewed by both the presenters about a range of topical wildlife issues on this live programme.

On screen Contributor for Britain Goes Wild

Channel 5 - shown during May and June 2004

I worked as the famous Wagtail Warden on the phenomenally successful precursor to Springwatch.

Presenter on Wild Underground

BBC Radio4 - broadcast in December 2003

A three part series saw me travel underground, down through the soil and even into the bedrock itself to see how wildlife survives beneath our feet.
Wild Underground website

Presenter/researcher on Wildlife Uncovered: UK

Channel 5 - shown in April 2002, June 2002 and March 2003

This six part series focused on Britain's natural history superlatives as I relentlessly pursued the most dangerous, rarest, weirdest, noisiest, most spectacular and smelliest wildlife in the UK.

Presenter/researcher on The Natural History of Christmas

Channel 5 - shown in December 2001 and repeated 2003

This special one-off programme portrayed all the plants and animals we associate with Christmas past and present. I travel from Lapland to Loch Lomond, via Trafalgar Square, to ensure you will never look at reindeer, turkeys, or mistletoe in the same way again!

Presenter/researcher on Britain's Wild Invaders

Channel 5 - shown in August 2000 and repeated December 2003

This 50 minute documentary was my first foray into presenting and is the story of Britain's wild invaders - alien plants and animals that have integrated with our own native wildlife. I uncover wildlife that, whilst often exotic and sometimes familiar, is always surprising and reveal both how they arrived here and how they've settled in.