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...well that was fun. China, Japan & two weeks spotting endemic birds in the Philippines . It’s jolly cold here...

Friday 24 November 2017 (3 hours ago)

Loving the juice! Thanks for a great day Airbus & NWWT...

Tuesday 10 October 2017 (6 weeks ago)

Diolch Balint! Thanks to @Airbus & NWWT for a cracking day out... Take a look at dem apples!

Tuesday 10 October 2017 (A long time ago)

Hi Frances...delightful food & the company wasn’t bad either! Lovely to make your acquaintance 😉

Saturday 7 October 2017 (A long time ago)

Dear HAL! Very excited to be joining you for a 3rd time 2 meet many of your passengers with @MikeGunton & @SamHume1

Wednesday 4 October 2017 (A long time ago)
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Tuesday 10 October 2017

Personal appearance at Secret World's Ugly Bug Ball

Saturday 7 October 2017